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240X240-wineglassesCalifornia vs. France: Wines Made From the Same Grape

You’ll sample wines made from the grapes you know and love: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah. In this side-by-side comparison, you’ll discover for yourself how different the same grape can taste when the wine is from California (New World) versus France (Old World). While each wine pairing is tasted on a blind basis, most guests will be amazed to discover that they CAN identify which wine is which just by SNIFFING the wines. Tasting the wines is just a confirmation.
If you happen to be partial to the Old World (French) style, this will help make ordering in restaurants or purchasing at the wine shop a breeze…and the sommelier or wine shop person will know exactly the type of wine you like.

Around the World with Chardonnay

You love buttery California Chardonnay. Good, but give it a rest. Take a sabbatical—for that’s not the only way to enjoy the world’s most popular white grape. In this excursion, we sample chardonnay. You will be amazed at how it differs country to country, region to region; from a crisp French Chablis, minerally white Burgundy, creamy Blanc de Blancs Champagne, to a tropical Aussie and fruity Italian. Then try delicious Chardonnay blends: from Austria, Chile, South Africa and the U.S. So be adventuresome, delve into new territory, and become more wine savvy on this eye-opening vino adventure. If you are looking for executive retreat ideas, this viticultural journey may inspire a few interesting ideas!

Pair with Flair

Tired of drinking the same old, same old when you order wine with your meal? Do you have a sense of pairing-noia when it’s your turn to pick the wine for dinner? We reveal how the answers to these three easy questions can tell you in a matter of seconds the best type of wine to go with your meal.

  • COOKING METHOD: Is the dish cooked in a clear liquid (water, broth, olive oil, vegetable oil)
    or browned (roasted, baked, sautéed, grilled)?
  • FAT: Is the meat fatty or lean? Or does the dish have dominant fatty ingredients like butter, sour cream or mayonnaise?
  • THE “S” FACTOR: Is the dish highly seasoned with prominent spicy, salty or smoky ingredients, or simply prepared?

The answers to the above can tell you immediately the best wine partner for your dish. These three tips will make you feel confident and prepared for any wine-pairing occasion. No more pairing-noia. Now food and wine pairing is as easy as 1-2-3!

Wine As An Investment

If there is one thing people feel they know about wine, it is that some bottles, especially very old bottles, are quite valuable. What is it about the transformation of a simple fruit, such as grapes, into an alcoholic beverage, that warrants such value? What makes one wine worth a small fortune, while another, perhaps even one of comparable quality, worth so much less? Can any wine really be worth $1000 or more?
Chances are that sooner or later you are going to end up with a bottle or a 1000 that you can’t get around to drinking right away. Some wines improve with age, some don’t, but anything that you are going to keep more than a month or so needs proper handling.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Fizzy, frothy, bubbly and bouncy—there is no substitute to sparkling wine for a celebration or to toast an important occasion—the start of a weekend, for example. There are glorious sparkling wines made in many countries, including:  Spanish Cava, Italian Proseco and Méthode Champenoise wines from Australia, the United States and several regions in France. But we will not overlook the queen of bubblies, Champagne—Brut, Vintage and Rosé!

Big Reds from Around the Globe

You may have heard about full-bodied wines. Well, this is an opportunity to taste what intensity really means in wine! Taste red wines from California, France, Italy, Spain and Australia in which wine makers draw the Nth degree of flavor and extraction from the grapes. Some of these bad boys can reach alcohol levels of 15 or 16 percent. The wines will include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah/Shiraz, Barolo, Zinfandel, Tempranillo and Cabernet Franc. Come prepared for some serious lip-smacking juice!

Hedonistic Red Wines to Help You Close/Celebrate a Deal

Voluptuous red wines can set the right mood and be a catalyst to transform a hurried meal into a dinner that lingers. In order to cover every budget, you’ll taste reds that are great values and others that are smart splurges. At any price point, these “redheads” are a sumptuous indulgence that will help everyone relax and melt their cares away. This tasting is a truly sybaritic experience!