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Is your firm looking for another way to entertain new associates?

Consider an educational wine tasting. Your associates will enjoy themselves and the firm will gain from their confidence when entertaining clients.

Are you seeking a special way to celebrate the signing of a major deal or reward long-term clients?
Plan a tasting with extraordinary wines. Your clients will remember the event for years!

If you are searching for an innovative idea for a corporate party, think of a wine tasting.
No one will want to miss that event.

Law firms, investment banks, marketing firms, financial firms, sports agents and advertising agencies are a few of the organizations for which wine tastings can be an innovative marketing and educational tool. Tastings can be used to reward A-list clients, celebrate the signing of an important contract, entertain partners, entice prospects and prospective hires, and educate and inspire young associates.

Imagine a wine tasting with first class wines led by a person with a passion for wine who loves to explain wine and communicate that enthusiasm to others. A tasting can be structured as a sit-down event in which enjoyment and education go hand-in-hand, or as a stand-up walk-around event that lends itself to more casual interaction.

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Here are a few ideas for corporate events:

Hedonistic Red Wines to Help You Close/Celebrate a Deal

Voluptuous red wines can set the right mood and be a catalyst to transform a hurried meal into a dinner that lingers. In order to cover every budget, you’ll taste reds that are great values and others that are smart splurges. At any price point, these “redheads” are a sumptuous indulgence that will help everyone relax and melt their cares away. This tasting is a truly sybaritic experience!

Business Entertaining Tips

Today, knowing something about wine is a social skill making you appear more sophisticated to business colleagues and friends. It is also a powerful tool for today’s executives providing leverage in business entertaining. So plug up any gaps in your wine knowledge with Wineitudes’ 12 tips that will make you feel more confident, authoritative and adventurous—whether you are the dinner host, a guest dining out with food and wine lovers, or an attendee at social wine tasting events.
At this tasting you will try wines from around the world that reflect how to get more for your money. Discover how to get more pleasure from your glass via proper serving temperature, aeration and glassware—key aspects of any social and corporate wine tasting event. Learn when to say, “Take back this wine and bring me another bottle.” Discover how to impress clients with “tasting flights” and large format bottles. Pick up a few foolproof tips for pairing wines with food, as well as other money saving tips about “second labels” and “satellite” wines. Whether attendees plan to host cozy dinners or corporate wine tasting entertainment, these 12 tips will leave them looking like an experienced connoisseur!


You just bought a winery….now what?

If you’re looking for convention entertainment ideas, you will love this upbeat presentation!

This interactive session gets the audience thinking about not only the taste, but also the packaging and presentation of wine.

  • TASTE: Each team tastes three styles of wines and selects their flagship wine for a product launch.
  • PRICE: Will it be priced as an everyday wine or a super premium? What’s the rationale?
  • NAME: Then dream up a memorable name. Inspiration could come from anywhere and for more laughs could even reflect some quirky aspect of the client’s product/service, a person in the company, or their competition. It’s no holds barred.
  • DESIGN: Then teams design an attention-getting, colorful wine label that could mean the difference between someone reaching for your bottle on the shelf or passing it by.
  • DREAM: Teams launch their new wine with a big idea, and for once there are no budget constraints.
  • PITCH: Each team presents their ideas about the wine they are going to launch in the marketplace.
  • VOTE: Everyone in the audience votes for their favorite the way people “vote” at wine festivals in Europe – by stomping their feet, pounding their fists on the table or twirling their napkins in the air!

Watch people let loose as the winners are announced!