Wine Tasting Events | Parties and More

500X300_96460841_MEDIUMAre you looking for an exciting, new idea for a gathering of friends or family?
Are you looking for an idea for an event that your friends will remember for years?
Plan a wine tasting! Everyone wants to learn more about wine, and a wine tasting will captivate them.

Wine tastings can be your best solution for an innovative event to exceed expectations when you need to:
  • Celebrate a landmark birthday anniversary, or showers—make it a memorable party with a legendary tasting for close friends.
  • Plan a corporate event that will stand out—design it around a great tasting for after work parties and team bonding.
  • Impress your best clients—entertain them in regal fashion with cult wines.
  • Entertain donors for a not-for-profit organization—loosen their purse strings with a fashionable tasting.
  • Arrange the perfect wedding or special event.
  • Entertain friends and neighbors — Girls Night Out, Clubhouse Event

Wine tastings can also take place in the form of restaurant wine dinners, summer barbecues, cruises, picnics,

Imagine a wine tasting with first class wines led by a person with a passion for wine who loves to explain wine and communicate that enthusiasm to others.

A wine tasting can be structured as a sit-down event in which enjoyment and education go hand-in-hand, or as a stand-up, walk-around event that lends itself to more casual interaction.

Tastings can introduce wines of a particular country or wines produced from a single grape varietal. More targeted tastings can allow you to compare regional wines from a single great vintage or the same wine from a single winemaker over many vintages. It’s up to you!

Wineitudes is committed to the enjoyment of wine and the total wine experience. The history, the intricacies of the grapes, wine making, terroir, as well as the simplicity of just enjoying a glass by yourself, with friends, co-workers or family. We determine a selection of balanced and well-structured wines to meet your needs and budget, and combine them with interactive discussions, music, wine trivia, and games that are fun and informative.

Luxury and value come together in Wineitudes wine tastings, tastings that will delight the palates of your most discerning friends and associates.

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