Wine Education




We offer wine education classes and seminars designed to work in any venue.

Although we offer a variety of programs, our most popular sessions are Wine 101; Wine & Sensory Evaluation and Basic Vino Italiano.


Wine Basics 101:

This is the place to start learning about wine. It’s the ideal introduction to the fundamentals of wine tasting!
Attendees will learn how to:

  • appreciate wine through proper tasting techniques.
  • how to read wine labels and how worldwide wine classifications are shown on the labels.
  • identify varietals and blends: understand what the wine label says, and
  • how to buy, store, serve and savor wines
  • how to determine wine flaws and defects—is it spoiled or simply badly produced?
  • properly store wine: what temperature, how long to keep wine once it’s been opened, when to microwave & freeze wine and much more.

This course designed to create a developing student’s confidence concerning wine. This class will introduce the basic concepts of wine appreciation, including the “Five S’s” Wines will be sampled by means of side-by side comparisons. Wine Basics 101 is highly recommended as a primer for more advanced classes.

Wine & Sensory Evaluation

This class is an exercise on the basics of wine by using the senses of sight, smell, taste and touch. The information is presented with humor to lay the foundation for enjoying the
world of wine.

  • Learn about different varieties of grapes: their aromas, tannins, acid, regions and what makes each wine unique. Discover the part that soil and climate play in wine growing, and wine making.
  • Explore the components in wine and sensory evaluation—learn to identify the various components that make up wine: acids, sugar, alcohol, etc., and why they pair with food.
  • Understand the differences between acids, tannins, sugar levels and body/weight?

Featured wines will be sampled by means of side-by-side comparisons of four white varietals and four red varietals, with a special treat for dessert! The class ends with a segment of questions and answers. This is a great introductory class for the novice wine drinker to help expand their palate and take the mystery out of wine.

Basic Vino Italiano

This basic overview class focuses on some of the most recognizable regions of Italy and some not so familiar to the consumer.

  • Learn about Italy’s three thousand years of wine making history
  • Discover Italy’s twenty different wine regions that are home to more than two thousand different native varietals
  • A discussion of the history, wine laws and grape varietals will give you a better understanding of this country’s contribution to the history of wine.
  • Discover some of the truly Italian grapes: Greco, Fiano, Trebbiano, Aglianico, Nebbiolo, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes and why Italy offers the wine drinker a vast array of styles and price points to consider.


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