Whether you’re seeking a new way to host a party, learn more about wine, or looking for an entertaining way to motivate your sales staff or an innovative way to engage customers, Wineitudes can help. We help bring the stuffy world of wine down to earth by avoiding the typical “vino babble” about soil, climate and how a wine smells like fresh mown grass with a whiff of smoky bacon fat and tar. Instead, we shares practical tips to help regular wine drinkers save time, money and aggravation.

Wine makes friends of us all, and we easily adapt to your group’s needs. Wineitudes engages the audience with humor in addition to wine knowlege. People feel more comfortable when they are able to connect with something that promotes camaraderie, stimulates conversation and makes them smile. 

The old proverb stating, “Over a bottle of wine, many a friend is made,” is experienced time and time again at Wineitudes events.

Whether you are looking to learn more, host an event, or locate informative and useful reference literature on wine from a true connoisseur, you can count on Wineitudes.